Site Problems

I have been experiencing site problems.  I am reinstalling WordPress from scratch and will get things back up as soon as possible.

Updated 15:44 ET to add: The core reinstallation appears to be working, with all posts and embedded images back up and running, and Disqus reintegrated into the site.  It will take me a while to recover the formatting in the themes, which I may leave undone anyway because it could have been a theme problem that was causing me all this grief.  In the meantime, I think it’s safe to stick your toes back in the water!

–John P.


  • Snippy_X

    Testing water.

  • I thought maybe your site had been hacked by you-know-who. Of course, there’s so much “entheta” on the web now that it would be tough to even know where to begin.

    • John P.

      Paranoid much?

      Actually, I worried the same thing for a second. Just to be sure, I checked the raw server logs for IP addresses of the users to hit the site in the half hour before it crashed, and there was nothing unusual. Also checked the IP addresses of people who successfully accessed admin pages and only my IP address was there. Also, I choose strong passwords and change them at least monthly, so I don’t think I have been cracked.

      • I think anybody who dares criticize the church publicly risks retaliation. Someday it would be interesting to find out what Tony Ortega has endured… I’ve seen hints, but as a true journalist of the old school, he never wants to make himself the story.

        • And I don’t rent cars!

          I would like to ^ your last sentence (re: T.O. 10,000 times!

          EDITED TO ADD:

          PLUS have him tell us what he and his “entourage’ have had to endure these past 20 years, especially since the VV blog, and this past year with the success of his tonyortega dot com blog!

  • Ruby

    for what it’s worth….I like the format you have here right now as the print is bigger for my dang old eyes! (And I am NOT even that old!) The last format had small print. ? Anyway, there ya go.

    • John P.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I figured out how to enlarge the print on the previous template for the site on Friday, but then the site imploded soon after with HTTP error 500’s, which represents a pretty broad-based meltdown. Don’t know if that trivial change to one CSS file was the cause of the blow-up but I will attempt to move forward and find a more reliable template that gives the look I want without imperiling reliability.

      • Ruby

        Thanks. 🙂

      • Whiningmachine

        CSS is client-side; the server never does anything with it other than ‘serving’ it to the client’s web browser. A CSS screw-up would affect formatting and layout, but not the operation of the site itself.
        If you fiddled with the functions.php file, well that’s a different story; be very careful with that.
        I agree about larger print, which makes it easier to see things on my iPhone.
        Every theme has its own functions.php file, so it’s important to make sure they’ve been written well. One little update, even just to a plugin, can be enough to cause big, big problems, even taking down the admin side of WordPress. Choose a well-known theme, or one from a reliable source.

    • Miss Tia

      I like this format better too, less ‘busy’ more cleaner, streamlined….but that’s just my opinion and ultimately it’s up to you John P.

  • Cece

    Thanks for keeping us informed 🙂