Scientology Daily Digest: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The big news on the day came early in the evening, when Tony Ortega posted a story with a major wave of filings by Monique Rathbun, plaintiff in the harassment suit against the cult.   We predict there’s enough detail there that the Court in the Rathbun case will have to order that Miscavige be deposed.  In my view, this may lead Miscavige to propose a settlement if the cult loses this motion, but I believe that Monique will insist on a far larger amount than was paid in the Debbie Cook case plus permanent restrictions on the cult’s conduct towards her and towards Marty.  However, I predict that the cult will not be able to resist breaking the permanent injunction; it’ll be interesting to see what a Texas court will do to the cult if they don’t follow a negotiated permanent injunction.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death.  As the Anons say, this is why.

Tony Ortega’s Blog

Tony filed two stories today.  The morning story features an interview with Mark Headley, who worked at Int Base and was involved in the project to build the new Mark VIII e-meter, which debuted at the Golden Age of Dreck 2 launch, but which was designed and built about a decade ago. Several thousand units have been languishing in a warehouse until now.  Headley points out that a professional outside designer was used (I think the product is actually fairly appealing even if it does resemble the recently redesigned Easy-Bake oven) and says that Miscavige claimed to have spent $20 million on the design. That number seems high to me, even given the usual last-minute micromanagement Miscavige is known for, even if they had to re-do the final production molds for the case multiple times.

Tony’s AM story also notes that Eric Tenorio, a former Narconon staffer who is now a key opponent of the quackery-based alcohol treatment facility, relapsed after surgery earlier in the year and almost went back to Narconon, but managed to find a real rehab facility, one based on sound medical techniques and on use of 12-step programs to aid in recovery.  Glad to see him back in action.

Early this evening, Tony relayed a major filing by Monique Rathbun in her harassment case against the cult.  In that case, Tommy Davis’s deposition was supposedly scheduled for today in Austin.  The next hearing is for December 11.   In these filings, declarations from numerous former cult executives including Mike Rinder and many others all testify that Miscavige is a hands-on micro-manager.  The filings also have significant portions of Debbie Cook’s testimony under oath from her 2012 suit against the cult.  Ray Jeffery raises the obvious point in his legal argument that since the Warren McShane deposition and others didn’t answer whether Miscavige is actually in control of things, DM himself should take the stand to explain things.

Mike Rinder’s declaration contained a few interesting and somewhat obscure Hubbard quotes about how to ruin opponents, which Rinder uses to point out that Miscavige is actively directing operations to smear and destroy perceived enemies.  This may be a watershed, given Mike’s post on his own blog shortly thereafter, in his version of “independent Scientology,” as he’s making it harder for his readers, many of whom I would term “doctrinaire indies” (Hubbard perfect, Miscavige evil) to continue to believe that Hubbard had clean hands while he ran the cult.

Mike Rinder’s Blog

  •  Late this evening, Mike posted a brief story linking to Tony Ortega’s story about the Monique Rathbun case filings.  Mike’s commentary is quite important, since it calls attention to some Hubbard quotes in his declaration.  The Hubbard quotes are all about how to attack, undermine, disrupt and injure opponents of the cult.  Rinder points out that Miscavige is applying the “tech” correctly, which might ruffle the feathers of some of the “Hubbard always good, Miscavige always bad” crowd just a wee bit.
  • Mike’s earlier story echoes a story from the “BackInComm” South African blog about the dire shape of Scientology in South Africa.  This time, the “Life Improvement Centre” in a suburb of Johannesburg is profiled, and it appears to be open for business only intermittently, with creeping weeds and graffiti marring the building.

Forum Sites

Yet again, Aeger Primo comes through with a detailed scan of the forum sites, including the discussion with Eric Tenorio’s announcement of his meltdown and his (new and improved) path to recovery.

  • Science Doc

    Today is a landmark.

  • Free Minds, Free Hearts

    Mike Rinder also posted his own declaration on his blog tonight.

  • And I don’t rent cars!

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry I haven’t been able to post on JP’s new blog yet (which is absolutely fantastic, by the way JP), and I apologize to JP for not “officially” congratulating him yet on his great achievement (this MUST take a tremendous amount of work and MUST take a tremendous amount of time) and I apologize for not being able to read his posts on this blog nor post any comments, yet.

    As some of you may have gathered from my erratic posts (in form AND content) in the Bunker lately, I’ve been caught in a vortex of personal and “tech” issues since the end of Oct.The most frustrating has been ongoing teleco issues, which also happens to be my ISP, and not being able to get the new Apple laptop and setup as planned these past few years. I’ve been working off an old borrowed and slowly dying PeeCee laptop (and yes, that is written with a snarky

    and disdainful, snobbish tone… ;-). E-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g is working intermittently – just like my phone, internet, me (i.e.,”Moi”), two health care systems in separate countries, the public transportation that I use, the heating system where I live, my landlord, etc., etc. Oops! Sorry, I take that back. My landlord does not work at all! It’s all so-o ridiculous that it’s actually making me laugh this past week!

    Anyway, forget all that, here is a post I wrote this past weekend for the Bunker’s Sunday Funnies where Tony posted something about the Dec 7th opening of the Taiwanese Org. I wrote the following on the fly ( I wasn’t really in a hurry to get anywhere, as the word “fly” might suggest. I was simply in between two sleep cycles and wanted to post my comment before this laptop, net connection, or myself crashed again!) It really was a sort of “shoot from the hip” cowboy-type of “freeform association” style of thinking and “freestyle-type” of writing. (Gosh, I hope this is making sense to you all!)

    This is NOT following any of those wonderfully educational and useful posts JP wrote about Analysis – as I have been unsuccessful in being able to read those yet. I’ve come to think of all his posts and all of your comments, since Nov 4, as a reward or a treasure that is waiting for me as soon as I get out of the eye of the storm I’ve found myself in.

    The logic, or lack thereof, in that post does however lead to a question that I’ve been wanting to ask John P about intuition/gut instinct and it’s place (if any) in the analytical process that he has been teaching us (or at least that’s what I surmise he has been writing about from the bits and pieces I been able to read here and there between crashes – of one sort or another.)

    So after that long rambling preface…

    (At this point, might I suggest that you folks try to get use to it? It seems to be my “new” writing style lately… at least until a new diagnosis is made, is added to my already too thick medical files, and until I get serious therapy for whatever “It” is…. Funnily enough, in some of my queued up and unsent posts to John P on subjects as varied as: Logic, Analysis, acquired brain injuries, the Process of Thinking, Speculation, even the role of the ‘ole P’s,O’s. M’s, etc., of business management and how it might apply as a medical therapy for certain brain injuries or brain conditions that are a result of medical intervention of some sort or a result of some other disease process, and so on and on and on……, JP’s posts might just be great therapy for me in the meantime! Imagine that JP – I could become your first medical case study on how teaching someone your processes of analysis, logic, decision making and gata gathering, etc., can be a form a interventionist and evidence based therapy. Wow! Let’s prepare a copyright and trademark application soon! 🙂


    Cars’ Early Sunday Morning Speculation. Post in Bunker on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013:

    So, the Bunker folks who had “boots on the ground” at the IAS event kept hearing the word “Taiwan” mentioned amongst the “Kook-Aid” drinkers, of both LRH and DM flavors.

    Now I think I know* why….

    TC movies are making the greatest $$$$ in Asia. TC hangs out there with his fans – A LOT. The US, for the most part, dislikes/hates him for his Co$ cray, cray, i.e., he is booed at a ball stadium, movies don’t do as well in N. America anymore. He is a huge celebrity and national “hero” to the “poor” Asian celebrity besotted politicians, wealthy citizens, and fans. For example, after Jack Reacher, he was made an honorary citizen of Busan, South Korea. (Haven’t been able to research a direct tie to him and Taiwanese wealthy business people or Whales yet. To be honest, I have little interest in celebritologists to begin with.)

    TC makes important political and Asian (Taiwanese?) Whale connections and then introduces his best man, best buddy, AND leader of his “religion” to them – or visa versa.

    And VOILA!

    1. New Taiwanese Ideal Org is opening on Dec 7th.

    2.The plastic cover to the “new” e-meter and all other bits and pieces made quickly and cheaply in Taiwan – with 7 – 10 year old “new” meter guts still inside. Or thanks to TC, DM has tapped into rich Taiwanese Whales who happen to be in manufacturing and construction and quickly rebuilt “new” E-meter, and New Idea Org.

    *Note: Marc Headley posted in the Dec 4th Underground Bunker that, “GE/Fitch of Hong Kong oversaw the design development and production of the meter. The meter was made in a factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. ”

    3. Or it could be only ONE rich Taiwanese whale who is in manufacturing and construction and “Voila!” –

    a). new e-meter covers (again), cans, USB port, carrying case, etc.

    b.) new “UK Founding Humanitarian” leather jacket – probably made in Taiwan (or with good Taiwanese faux leather)

    c.) new Taiwanese (Ideal?) Org

    One of the above or all of the above could have been accomplished by:

    A. One rich Taiwanese businessman/whale, OR

    B. Two Taiwanese Whales who are each either in, or are both in, manufacturing and/or commercial construction, OR

    C. Tom Cruise needs tax write off for pile of $$$$$ his movies made in Asia, so he makes a charitable contribution to his “church” PLUS gets together with A or B and introduces his “church” leader to either A or B.

    And then, as a “benefit” or “thank you”, A or B (by making BIG Investment in American “charity/religion” in both US and Taiwan) get instant US Citizenship in Investor Class for themselves (and their family members).Yes?! No?! Yes?!
    What do you folks know about any TC and Taiwan connections? Any of my intuitions/gut instincts/speculations have any validity or am I exhibiting cray, cray myself?
    P.S. John P, still have a post or two queued up for Supermodel#1. Tell her I said “Allo. Ma chere..” and that I hope to restart our conversation soon. Looking forward to it with great pleasure and anticipation! 😉

    • KJP in Portland

      Cars, good to see you here. I’m going to keep an eye out for John’s response to your post. I think there’s something to all your comments about the Taiwan connection.

    • John P.

      Dear Cars,

      Thanks for the kind words about my blog. However, I am not sure that “Logictology” will become a successful cult and will compete with other cults like “Madeshituptology,” which we spend so much time studying. And I am not all that interested in being a guru or cult leader, even though it is one of the few jobs that pays more than Global Capitalism HQ.

      Regarding Taiwan connections, when looking at things like this, it is always a good idea to be open to such complex connections and relationships, but it is always wise not to presume that such relationships exist. Most people aren’t smart enough to be able to construct and execute a complex conspiracy because they’re too busy making a living and going to work every day doing the stuff they’re supposed to be doing. I have spent enough time with the famous and powerful (CEO’s of mega-corporations) in my career that I know they all spend time complaining wistfully about how little power they have. In other words, don’t presume either conspiracy or well-coordinated plan.

      A couple of thoughts that lend perspective on why I doubt (but am open to find out otherwise) that the cult is making a major push into Taiwan by some number of “whales:”

      1. Taiwan is not that big a market compared to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). 23 million population versus 1.35 billion in the PRC, about 60x more people. If DM were really into trying to expand rapidly in Greater China to make the most possible money, he should be focusing on the PRC just because the potential market is so much bigger.

      2. Given the complex politics between ROC (Taiwan) and the PRC, establishing a business operation in Taiwan as an attempt to get into the PRC is not guaranteed to work, and may actually make such an attempt fail. In some industries it might help, but if you’re trying to get Scientology into the PRC, it probably won’t. I think Miscavige maintains an org in the ROC so he can raise money selling US whales on the dream of getting into the PRC rather than on the reality of doing so.

      3. Success in Taiwan wouldn’t help Scientology that much because most Taiwanese speak a dialect of Chinese called “Hokkien.” Many of the remainder speak a dialect called “Hakka.” These are not all that understandable to Mandarin or Cantonese speakers, which make up the majority of the population of the mainland. Thus, the cult would probably need additional translations of all the Hubbard books. I have seen comments in other forums from Chinese speakers that the various Chinese translations of Hubbard’s works are of terrible quality, so I suspect that the terrible translations will stop anyone who actually attempts to read anything Hubbard wrote. This also tells me that the Kaohsiung Ideal Org is probably used by people for auditing who don’t actually read anything Hubbard wrote themselves. It may be more of a social club than a bunch of true believers who really understand Hubbard’s philosophy.

      4. The cult’s economic clout in Taiwan from having e-meters manufactured in Taiwan is probably negligible. There are a lot of contract manufacturers in Taiwan who specialize in building devices that have relatively limited production runs, such as Cisco routers or medical devices where production runs are in the thousands instead of in the millions like iPhones. There are probably a million people in mainland China that work building iPhones, so it is important for the government of the PRC to keep those factories rolling. But a one-shot manufacturing deal that may have netted the manufacturer $100,000 in total profits a decade ago from a client who hasn’t been back to buy more is a deal that has been completely forgotten. It’s unlikely that DM will be able to impress a potential whale with promises of enough business to matter by dangling another $100k deal in front of them.

      5. The movie biz in China is all about the PRC, with the urban population that speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, and it’s all about sucking up to the government to get around censorship restrictions where they demand that China be portrayed in a positive light (you can’t portray riots in scenes depicting life in China, since there are literally dozens of riots every single day of the year, and the government is desperately afraid of that).

      6. There would be massive persecution of Scientology if it ever tried to move into mainland China. China has already brutally repressed the Falun Gong organization. I haven’t studied it closely but it seems to be something like Transcendental Meditation, in terms of a breathing practice or discipline for most followers and a cult-like organization that only some followers move into. Falun Gong is home-grown and comes out of a long tradition of similar disciplines. But it has been the target of brutal crackdowns by the Chinese government’s internal security forces. One can only imagine what the Communist Party would think about a “new religion” founded by an American who prattled on about his connections with military intelligence. I am sure they’d be even less interested in that than the Russians are.

      7. I suspect all that money spent in a hurry on emergency redesigns of the e-meter was spent in the US. I don’t think they went back and forth between the US and Taiwan to cut molds and make prototypes. They did most of the work here, so most of the money stayed here.

      8. People don’t get “instant citizenship” in the US if they have a lot of money like they do in Canada. As you know, mainland Chinese plus people from other Asian countries own a sizable fraction of the apartments in Vancouver and to a lesser extent in Toronto for safety so they can escape political unrest in their home countries. But the US doesn’t do that. So that is not a carrot that Tom Cruise or anyone else connected with Scientology could dangle in front of Taiwanese whales.

      9. There is no need for TC to have an Asian based tax writeoff. US companies face a lot of taxes if they bring profits from foreign subsidiaries back to the US so they keep those profits overseas. This is a remarkably stupid law but the idiots in Congress are so busy wasting time on other things that they can’t actually manage to change it. But I strongly suspect (and Poison Ivy might be able to comment here) that when studios release films in foreign countries, they use an independent distributor. If that’s the case, it should be no problem to bring profits back to the US.

      My conclusion is that there is no clever maneuver to tie together the Taiwan Ideal Org with any Taiwanese whales with anything to do with the PRC. I think a Taiwan org exists solely for DM to sell people on the idea that the cult has a “toehold to 1.3 billion Chinese” or something like that, and to get some donations from American whales on that basis, probably to fund translations of individual books and lectures.

      Of course, this is a guess based on lack of knowledge of the existence of any Taiwanese “whales” who are significant contributors to the cult in the US. If we are able to unearth any rich Taiwanese donors who have interesting business connections, then I would have to change my view.

      It’s not crazy to look for connections. Crazy is when you go to the lengths that Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and others have done. In their world, anything that happens must be due to the actions of unknown powerful interests that are working together. The search for connections starts to be a problem when you assume that a connection almost always exists, and when you tend to overestimate the power of those connections.

      The difference between serious analysis looking for connections and conspiracy crazies looking for connections is that the nut job assumes that when he can’t find a connection, it must be due to supremely powerful people who are good at hiding their tracks. The serious analyst would conclude that no connection exists. The conspiracist would thus essentially conclude that the lack of evidence for a conspiracy is actually the strongest evidence that a conspiracy exists and that it’s worse than you think. That’s crazy.

      PS: Supermodel #1 enjoyed your previous comments to her and would enjoy hearing from you further when you get a chance. I understand the challenges you face — I have long suspected that Canadian electricity moves through the wires at a different speed than the electricity in the rest of the US, due to the slower and more relaxed pace of life in that rural region of upstate New York filled with lumberjacks and fur trappers.

  • Snippy_X

    That Ben Stiller ceremony has some weird vibe to it. People aren’t really clapping and there is all kinds of hollering. Cruise is barely coherent and there is some peculiar energy between them. It’s uncomfortable.

    • Baby

      Snippy.. I also noticed the weird vibe. I don’t know if I would say that Cruise was incoherent as much as everything he said seemed to fall flat. As you said the clapping was very sparse for the crowd and his attempted humor was less than funny. I can’t imagine what the two of them would ever have in common. I have a feeling that there is a motive behind Cruise being friends with Stiller.

      I don’t believe that Cruise would be involved with him if it weren’t for the ” Greater Good” of Scn. Look what it has done for Will Smith’s family.

      • Snippy_X

        Yes, it’s as if Cruise is targeting Stiller because Stiller is vulnerable.

  • Bury_The_Nuts

    I was pleasantly surprised to read Mike Rinder’s blog; particularly his post: The Texas Showdown, that you comment about above.
    Especially since he was gently calling out some of the more fanatically blinded followers of LRH on Mike’s own blog.
    Watching the evolution of the man named Mike Rinder has become fascinating.
    I find it ironic that the more he peels away the layers of LRH, the more damaging he becomes to Miscavige.