Scientology Daily Digest: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tommy Davis’s deposition in the Monique Rathbun litigation is scheduled for today (Wednesday) in Austin.

Thursday marks the anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death.

Tony Ortega’s Blog

Today’s regular installment in the series where Claire Headley, recently joined by “tech” veteran Bruce Hines, walks readers through the process of actually doing Scientology, featured the OT III “Wall of Fire.”  In this one, as most of us know from reading tons of stuff over the years, Hubbard introduces the Xenu mythos in an unveiling of the holiest of holies of Scientology out of a locked briefcase.  Even with all the hype and build-up before opening the envelope with some notes scrawled in Hubbard’s handwriting, apparently quite a few people do wake up and say, “WTF?” on their way out the door.

Apparently in this level, Hubbard giveth and Hubbard taketh away.  Part of the study involves explaining why you can’t show anyone else, even other Scientologists, that you can levitate ashtrays or do any of the super powers that OT’s are supposed to have.  This is obviously a key reason that people still believe in the OT powers without any evidence that they produce any results; they know that all those OT’s are doing amazing things in private; they’re just not allowed to show anything more interesting than keen parking space hunting capabilities.

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Mike Rinder’s Blog

  • Today, Mike put up a fairly important post, with some estimates on the total number of Scientologists in the world, via the work of a source who did the actual number crunching.  They’re estimating 25,000 to 35,000.  The numbers for the most part look credible, though I think the Sea Org size is a bit high, as is the estimated public coming in through the mission system.  “Deep Six” gives some further details that are useful.

Forum Sites (WWP, ESMB, OCMB)

  • Apparently, Tory Christman was involved in leading a rescue of someone from a Narconon facility in Michigan.  ESMB and WWP both cover the adventure.
  • Both ESMB and WWP provide more detail on the blight of the empty Philadelphia Ideal Org building, which was purchased six years ago.
  • The Way To Happiness Foundation is achieving peace and sanity in the Middle East.  I didn’t know that either, until I read the credible and accurate cult PR piece.
  • OCMB is covering the FBI probe of LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, who seems to be a little too friendly to Scientology relative to the size of their membership among his voters.  

General Press


  • Miss Tia

    One of the things with sending mail, whereas we’re most likely certain the addressed recipients won’t receive the mail, is that if we send postcards, other scientologists will see what we write. I’m encouraging nice messages, such as “people care about you” “you are missed” “your family loves you”. In 2008 WWP sent postcards to people in the hole and in the SO with messages to just blow and with the XSEAORG #. Most of whom I’m listing addresses for couldn’t leave if they wanted too. But if the postcard is handed around (which we know it will be) scientologists will see those messages as I wrote and others like and it might, just might, plant a small seed. I have some other suggestions too on my mail tech page.

    • Bury_The_Nuts

      Thanks Miss Tia! I just happen to have a whole stack of unused post cards that need to be used.
      I will go check out your site.
      The alternate bonus to this little campaign is not only will a lot of Sea Org see these messages, but Davey will certainly get wind of this newest “crisis”, which will just make him all the more annoyed.

      And to that I say….Merry F$%#ing Christmas, Dave!

      • Miss Tia

        Yeah!!! Bonus annoyance to Davey!!! 🙂

    • John P.

      The thing I like about this campaign is that it takes advantage of the key element that Anons brought to bear for the first time and that this community has in spades: scale.

      In other words, it would undoubtedly be a signficant problem if Heber Jentzsch got one single Christmas card. Given Miscavige’s paranoia and obsession with control, any unexpected mail arriving in Hemet or at Twin Peaks would undoubtedly be reported straight to him since all the culties are going to be too fearful of taking action on their own.

      But if dozens or hundreds of cards show up addressed to Shelly and to all the other Hole dwellers, the chances are too great that whoever processes the mail will see some “entheta” and might start to believe it. And inevitably, DM will impose some solution that’s a massive overreaction. No mail from home anytime under any circumstances, for example. Every time DM lays out some draconian solution to a simple problem, people blow.

      I am not sure you’ll be able to reach anyone in the Hole directly, but you might just reach the young Sea Org kids who are processing the mail intended for the inmates. And you might just evoke a response from DM that has unpredictable side-effects that will ultimately turn out to be worthwhile. And sending e-mail to Shelly Miscavige c/o your local org might just reach some of the people who are most easily swayed by “entheta” — the poor folks at the local orgs who have to live in the real world and who aren’t trapped in some cult-owned staff apartment.

      • Miss Tia

        EXACTLY!!! The addy I have for Shelly is the guard house at Twin Peaks. I didn’t consider having it addressed to her and sent to local orgs. Some people are getting me addresses of people at local orgs—such as for those who post on Craigslist. Because they are somewhat out of DM’s total control, we definitely would like to send them a message. They might be easier to get a seed planted with.

        You are so right, DM will probably impose some massive overreaction solution that will have the effect of people either blowing OR start questioning things. Getting people to question things is ALWAYS a good thing!

        And this project is totally out of DM’s control, you are right. That’s why I really suggest people send postcards—even take the front of a Christmas card and make a postcard out of that. Whoever handles the postcard will be able to read the message. Any mail addressed to the people listed—especially Shelly & Heber will get handled a lot I bet. The more eyes that see it, the better!

        • FromPolandWithLove

          Exactly MissTia! like You ‘ve said The more eyes that see it the better 🙂

    • OrangySky

      How about “The Wog World Cares”?

      “Don’t forget to call your family this holiday season”
      “There’s life after the Sea Org”?

      (Thanks for doing this Miss Tia.)

      • Miss Tia

        I’ll add that to the suggestions right now! THANK YOU!!

  • Truthiwant

    About 30,000 Scientologists worldwide.
    Now, with a world population of about 7,000,000,000 that means statistically, for instance, a country like Iceland has about 1 Scientologist or for example, the biggest city near to me has just less than 1 Scientologist. Based on this survey, the village I live in has 0.006 of a Scientologist.
    Well, not exactly world dominating statistics.

    • Eclipse-girl

      You have to remember there are a few places left untouched by scientology

      i would guess antarctica and some african countries. Has Scientology made any inroads into the middle east, with the exception of Israel? Isn’t it banned in China?