Scientology Daily Digest: Saturday, December 7, 2013

Probably the biggest news today is the Lori Hodgson interview on Inside Edition, a US news magazine show, where she traveled to her son’s workplace in Austin, Texas and paid him a surprise visit which was recorded.

But the best performance clearly goes to Mark Bunker’s three-minute appearance in front of the Clearwater City Council on the anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death, where he eloquently pointed out the absurdity of trying to make peace with the cult given how they’ve treated the citizens of the Clearwater area for the last forty years.

Tony Ortega’s Blog

Tony covers the Inside Edition segment on ex-Scientologist Lori Hodgson paying another surprise visit to her son, who disconnected from her, at his work place in Austin, Texas.  Tony has written several times before on the heartbreaking treatment that Lori Hodgson has received at the hands of the cult and the painful way her kids have chosen Scientology over their relationship with her.

Also, there’s a video of Mark (“Wise Beard Man”) Bunker speaking to the city council in his new home town of Clearwater about the death of Lisa McPherson on the anniversary of her death.  Money quote: “I understand that the city is thinking about finding a better way to work with Scientology, sitting down and mending fences with David Miscavige.  I’d ask you to remember that when Scientology was criminally charged in Lisa’s case, Scientology didn’t bat an eye before destroying key evidence in the case and whisking people out of the country before they could be questioned by the police.”  He then goes on to talk about the harassment of Marty Rathbun, about disconnection, about forced disconnection.  Perhaps he can add an Emmy for performance in front of the camera for this video to the Emmy he received for his work behind the camera a few years ago.

Selected comments:

Mike Rinder’s Blog

  • Today’s post spotlights a couple who used to be field auditors, but who now go for the big bucks traveling around and “regging” people.  He points out the lulz in some of their statements gushing about the Super Power rundown and a few other choice topics.
  • Yesterday’s post contains Mike’s thoughts on the “Cause Resurgence Rundown” (a.k.a., the “running program”), which is now held on an entire floor of the new Sooper Powerz building.  Mike recalls being forced to do it at Int Base back when it was a staff punishment.  He thinks it might be an even bigger bust for $2,500 than Super Power.

Forum Sites (ESMB, WWP, OCMB)

General Press

  • The celebrity press is all over the “chick fight” where Kirstie Alley has taken her usual high road in responding to Leah Remini’s recent comments about disconnection and other problems with the cult.  There are lots of articles in different media including some pretty repulsive fawning from Perez Hilton.  TV Guide weighs in, as does Huffington Post. Leah stays classy and positive throughout, but Kirstie stays true to form, living proof that the cult makes the able more able, and the asshole more asshole.
  • The National Enquirer is reporting that Leah Remini is trying to get back in the good graces of Katie Holmes in order to get Katie to become involved with Leah’s anti-Scientology book project.  The Enquirer claims that Leah could command an advance as high as $5 million but the story claims that publishers want to get Katie Holmes involved as well to ensure the book’s popularity.  I’ve only seen this in the Enquirer, so I don’t know how conjectural the piece is, though the Enquirer is relatively careful with stories to avoid getting sued. After all, Bert Fields never followed up with that threatened suit against the Enquirer over the TomKat divorce.


23 thoughts on “Scientology Daily Digest: Saturday, December 7, 2013

  1. John P.

    This came skidding in seconds after I published the article above.

    Tonight is the big IAS video event at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which can hold events in an intimate 299 seat theater; it’s doubtful the cult will need all 720,000 feet of exhibit space. Hell, they probably won’t need even the entire 299-seat theater.

    Apparently, a panicked e-mail went out about two hours before the event saying that the credit card system at the convention center’s parking garage went out and they would only be able to accept the $15 fee in cash. Time to cue up an endless succession of jokes about how Sea Org obviously won’t be able to afford to go unless they cram in clown-car style so they can split the parking fee 20 ways. And other jokes about “postulating” parking spaces or using “intention” to create cash are on the cusp of writing themselves.

    1. Missionary Kid

      Does the IAS video event have security checking IDs and telling everyone not to use the cameras on their phones?

      What is this event for? “Disseminating” the IAS event that took place at Clamwater?

      1. John P.

        Don’t know about ID checks, but presumably. I don’t think they’ll be issuing photo IDs like they did in Clearwater. And this is the presentation of the video of the IAS event.

        1. MaxSpaceman

          I think the photo i.d.’s are for keeping, like a c.c.; to be used at future event’s. They’ll be swiping i.d. membership cards from now on.

  2. DeElizabethan

    John P, compliments on this format which is pleasing to the eye, easy to read and access links. Thank you. I already saw an important one I missed at the Bunker from Galactic Patrol.
    Now will continue on to more funnies about Kristy. Spent too many hours on the one with over 4,000 comments yesterday, and it was sooo good to see.

  3. Eivol Ekdal

    Bricking E-Meter – I am wondering if it is legal to put a bar on a device that you own. It would be nice to see the legal agreement that you only get to see after you buy the Ultra. I wonder if any of the laws that deal with cellphone SIM locks can be used to challenge the e-meter user agreement. Certainly in the USA it may be more difficult because the current law sides with the service providers, but different laws apply especially in the Europe and Canada.

    1. John P.

      Lori, I’m honored that you would stop by. Like everyone else, I wish you the best in speedily recovering your children from the cult.

  4. PoisonIvyHerself

    I actually tried to get my lit agent to put me up to ghost Leah’s book. Hey, there would be no “cult learning curve!” But apparently they are all set for a ghost. Does anyone know the publisher?


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