Scientology Daily Digest: Monday, December 9, 2013

David Miscavige and his advisors experiencing the disconnect between their view of how a psychiatric exam feels versus how most of us feel when we talk to a psychiatrist.  Fetch... the COMFY CHAIR!  And if that doesn't work, the CUSHIONS!

David Miscavige and his advisors experiencing the disconnect between their view of how a psychiatric exam feels versus how most of us feel when we talk to a psychiatrist. Fetch… the COMFY CHAIR! And if that doesn’t work, the CUSHIONS!

Two major news items today. First, both sides filed their trial schedule in the Laura DiCrescenzo case.  Of course, Laura’s side has a fairly straightforward schedule, but the cult has a byzantine process involving multiple mini-trials, with two weeks spent in the first such just arguing about First Amendment issues.  And of course, while Miscavige’s fingerprints are mostly absent from this document, he still managed to get into the text a demand that Laura be forced to undergo a psychiatric exam as part of the case.  It’s straight out of Monty Python.

The second major news item is the SP declaration of long-time staff member Ryan Hogarth from the South African branch of the cult, causing the African Scientology blog to speculate that the entire South African community could easily secede from the cult as the Haifa, Israel mission did.

Tony Ortega’s Blog

Tony published the two vastly different proposed trial schedules from plaintiffs and defendants in the Laura DiCrescenzo case.  Laura’s attorneys propose a straight six week trial, while the cult proposes an avalanche of hearings, mini-trials, duplicative effort and other showboating that could easily approach four months in the courtroom, raising a pretty significant cost barrier to Laura.

My take: Usually, when you look through the cult’s legal filings, you don’t have to be a lawyer to spot the craziness that Miscavige has injected into the filing — inflammatory language, etc.  A relatively quick skim of the defendants’ filing shows a relative lack of crazy, which is worth thinking about.  Is Miscavige on vacation after the stress of the IAS event?  Is he distracted? Or is it just a relatively simple filing and not worth his putting his unique “imprimatur” on it?  About the only thing going on here that has any crazy is the proposal that Laura be ordered to undergo a psych evaluation, which to anyone who doesn’t believe in the cult, is kind of a joke.  Apparently, Miscavige is so isolated in his little bubble that he has no idea what an actual psych eval is like.  

Most telling is the proposal for a ten-day hearing on First Amendment issues. Recall that Judge Sohigian was completely upheld on the issue of “priest/penitent confession” laws in the first First Amendment issue raised by the cult.  As one of Tony’s legal team points out, the cult is essentially trying to argue that the “Church” can do whatever it wants to religious workers when it tries to claim that the Court can’t get in the middle of a religious dispute.  Of course, the logical extension of this is the belief that churches can sanction murder, rape, arson, fraud and all sorts of other violations when they come from sincerely held religious beliefs.  But there are plenty of crooked pastors (Jim Bakker, and many many more) who have done jail time for their crimes.

Selected comments: 

Mike Rinder’s Blog

  • Mike’s post today reflected the South African Scientology blog post of how Ryan Hogarth, decades-long Scientologist and former Scientology South Africa President, got declared as the goon squad from Headquarters continues to bang heads together, apparently randomly. Mike observes that Ryan Hogarth was the first local staff person to be allowed to introduce His Imperial Amazingness at an event, instead of using the game show host-like tones of Jeff Pomerantz in a pre-recorded blurb, so great is Hogarth’s credibility among the locals.  Hogarth is a third-generation Scientologist (first one I’ve heard of) who was on staff, mostly in South Africa, for 25 years.  He headed DSA (the local equivalent of OSA) for much of that time, and served for a time as President, which he equates to a figurehead. There’s some great details on the fiasco of acquiring and renovating the Ideal Org building, and more on life in the cult in a far-flung outpost.  The post from Ryan Hogarth himself is relatively long but useful to read, as it details how the Internet brought him to his senses, when he discovered Marty Rathbun’s then-new blog. 
  • Mike’s post yesterday covers the craziness of Super Power marketing, giving yet another example from source documents of how the disconnect between the hype and the reality will accelerate the meltdown of the cult, with more people blowing.

Forum Sites (WWP, ESMB, OCMB)

General Press

  • RadarOnline is picking up the Tom Cruise slave labor story all over again via the declarations of Jon Brousseau, Marc Headley and others that were filed last week in the Mosey Rathbun case.  While Tony reported Brousseau’s story in mid-2012, I’d suspect we’ll see other sites picking up and re-broadcasting the RadarOnline story over the next couple days.


66 thoughts on “Scientology Daily Digest: Monday, December 9, 2013

  1. Missionary Kid

    I’m wondering what kind of “shore story” Mi$cavige will come up with for the faithful to explain asking for a psych evaluation for Laura. Here are two versions.

    He could blame it on the attorneys.
    He could say that as an SP, it will be obvious to even the evil psychs that she’s crazy.

    If he talks about it, it will draw attention to it. If he doesn’t talk about it, the idea will fester. I think that if the psych eval. becomes common knowledge, that DM will pass the word down the line without making a formal announcement that it is simply a legal maneuver, pay no attention.

    1. N. Graham

      Maybe Wee Davey thinks that a psych evaluation will involve electroshock or something and he thinks she will have to endure some kind of torture which makes him happy.

          1. Missionary Kid

            Does he read reports, or have them read to him? Davy may be a very slow reader, so he communicates only verbally. That would certainly limit his exposure to knowledge.

          2. Drat

            At the rate he reads off a teleprompter at int events I’d say he is not a slow reader. He gets daily media snippets and apparently browses at least Mike’s (and maybe Marty’s) blog.

            What he does with the information is a different matter entirely. He lives in a world where money is at his beck and call, that’s got to count for something.

          3. Missionary Kid

            I’ve heard in the Bunker that he practices his speeches over and over. As to his reading skills, that’s a guess.

          4. Drat

            Ok. I’ll believe it if Mike or Jefferson said so. It always sounds well rehearsed, but there aren’t many who can deliver that much text so smoothly without help. He has paper ‘notes’, but never looks at them. I’m guessing what he really rehearses is the cadence and rhythm, how he delivers.

          5. John P.

            Drat, a minor detail, which isn’t immediately visible in most of the videos: Miscavige is surrounded by teleprompters. He is well rehearsed, given that he rarely makes even a small mistake on the words. But despite all that rehearsal, he comes across as just that: incredibly rehearsed and artificial, not natural at all. The notes on the platform are the backup in case the teleprompters fail.

            Most people who are good at giving presentations can just read off the slides and remember what they are going to say, but it is a mark of Miscavige’s stage fright that he can’t get up on stage without a backup for the teleprompters.

          6. Drat

            I had noted the teleprompter earlier in the discussion.

            As for drilling for the Nightline interview, there is LRH policy on how to answer journalists. He will have been doing PR drills. Someone like Anonymous might be able to shed more light on what they contain beyond the usual “no answer”.

          7. Missionary Kid

            I’m really shooting in the dark, and what I’ve posted is total conjecture, but what often happens to an individual who has poor reading skills is that they avoid reading, and have someone else summarize information for them.

            DM was apparently not a good student, and he left school at 16. He could have been very bright, but bored, but I suspect that he just didn’t do well at school. (That’s a guess on my part).

            People who don’t read well, or who aren’t good at public speaking or are unsure of their speaking, sometimes compensate by practicing a lot. You’ll notice, DM doesn’t take any questions, so everything is carefully rehearsed. He has a script, and the only pauses he takes are for effect so the applause can fill the room. Yes, he does have teleprompters, but does he look at them?

            To have cut his speech short at the SP building must have been a disaster, as well as cruel and unusual punishment, since he knew who was in the helicopter, and he hates Mike with a white hot intensity that probably approaches the temperature of the sun.

            He had to go off of script, and, apparently, he’s not good at that. His depositions and his interview on Nightline prove that.

            Image is all important with Mi$cavige, IMO. Style is more important than substance. The fact that he delivers his long speeches so smoothly (except for the SP building incident) is meant to prove to the clams that he is smart and only has the future of Co$ as his concern.

            I believe that the teleprompter is only there to provide a backstop. He really doesn’t need it, IMO, because he’s practiced his speeches so much.

            My fantasy is to have him take a peek at his teleprompter, and be looking at a message for him: “I am Xenu. Fuck you.”

          8. Missionary Kid

            Perfect. I wish that it could happen to DM,, and I’d love to have Bruce’s power to make it happen.

            I’m willing to bet that the papers in front of DM and the teleprompter are simply back-ups.

            Am I right that he rehearses his speeches extensively?

          9. John P.

            According to reports from Marty Rathbun and others, Miscavige rehearses endlessly and constantly changes things (then often changes them back), causing the staff to work to near collapse in the weeks leading up to events.

            I strongly suspect that his obsessive focus on perfectionism in events is a reflection of his general attitude that he is surrounded by nincompoops and nitwits, so he has to do everything himself. Including designing every single detail of the presentations.

          10. aegerprimo

            I often wonder, how David Miscavige got this far as; an executive, a captain, an chairman of the board, a…..leader.

            HOW HOW?
            Yes I partook of the scientology mind-frack, but now I look and wonder how the heck he has lasted this long.

          11. John P.

            I often wonder, how David Miscavige got this far as; an executive,

            The parallels between Miscavige/Scientology and the Nut Boy dynasty/North Korea are striking.

            Basically, Miscavige got the job in the first place because he reached in and grabbed it, and nobody figured out what was happening until it was too late.

            Keeping the job is a lot easier: get rid of your opponents and then revise history to make them “unpersons.” The parallels there ought to be obvious, right down to the extensive prison camp system. But at least the Kims don’t separate families to incarcerate a disloyal citizen; they just throw the whole family into a prison camp. As cheap insurance, you start a cult of personality because people find it harder to consider assassinating a demi-god; it’s not that hard to screw up your courage to take out a churlish incompetent.

          12. aegerprimo

            Thanx for this John P. Several have made the comparison, (on the fringes of the internet) of the cult and North Korea. I have not taken the time to study up on its regime. I will get my thick skull a’crackin’ on that…

          13. Eclipse-girl

            I thought Marty has written that David Read reports, or at least pretended to read them. May be Shelly, and now Laurisse read it aloud for David?

          14. Missionary Kid

            He probably can read, but he can probably get the information faster if someone tells him the information.

          15. N. Graham

            I agree! Just like Scientology is always worse than it seems, DM is always dumber than he seems, at least from his actions.

          16. Missionary Kid

            I think that he’s emotionally limited, first by his upbringing, then the isolation he lives in. That will make him appear stupid because he apparently has no idea what or how the rest of the world thinks.

            When one operates in the dark, one inevitably trips over obstacles.

  2. Eclipse-girl

    I think the Psych Eval is standard operating procedure for court cases claiming psychological damage.

    (Good) Lawyers tend to protect themselves by insisting on due diligence

    I imagine David was thrilled and is thinking that Laura won’t be able to take a psych eval. My own hope is that Laura has been receiving counseling / therapy since she left.

    A Psych Eval is not torture or invasive surgery. Done correctly, it is a conversation.

    1. PoisonIvyHerself

      And I have a gut feeling it will have the very positive outcome of showing Laura is a) very sane and b) very much a survivor of trauma and PTSD who has fought hard to overcome the abuse she suffered at the hands of Sea Org in order to have a healthy, productive adult life for herself.

      The psych eval will only hurt Scientology’s case, except as a delaying tactic.

      And I still like the headline, “Miscavige Demands Court Provide a Psychiatric Expert to Give Evidence” ….or something like that.

      1. Missionary Kid

        Hi P.I., Glad to see you!!!

        I’m trying to come up with a protest sign that would be short, sweet, and get the point across.

        So far, I’ve come up with COS ASKED FOR PSYCHS somebody else can probably do better.

        1. PoisonIvyHerself


          Why does Miscavige support psychs?

          Miscavige demands Court-appointed psychs!

          Why did COB order a “psychiatric examination”?

          1. Missionary Kid

            Those are good ones. I’ve got a list for signs and bumper stickers, I’m starting a list just for this thread, and those are all going on it.

            Thanks, PI!!

          2. And I don't rent cars!

            Writing from John P’s blog and wanted to know if you saw this:

            GalacticPatrol wrote:
            • 9 hours ago
            “Re-posted from The Bunker:

            Well I guess we’ll finally see the headline we’ve all been waiting for:


      2. Galactic Patrol

        Re-posted from The Bunker:

        Well I guess we’ll finally see the headline we’ve all been waiting for:


        These guys are so desperate they are truly grasping at every straw they can possibly get their tiny mitts on. All to keep Laura DeCrescenzo from getting anywhere near a jury. They know the inevitable outcome.

        I think this is called whistling into the wind. Even the OSA staff who have been defending Miscavige’s criminal operation can only keep up their own cognitive dissonance for so long. Just look at all the disasters these guys are surrounded by. Another major opinion leader in South Africa was just declared suppressive – news on this today at the South African and Rinder blogs.

        Scientology’s house of cards is crumbling down. The time to get out is now. It’s never been safer, there has never been as much support out in the independent/ex field and there have never been so many good reasons to get away from the madness. Lurkers take note.

  3. Spackle Motion

    I laughed at the incredibly stupid and childish attempt at reverse psychology DM put in that motion (for a psych eval). No matter what angle, this will only serve as a footbullet for the Cult. The protest signage/headline value is priceless (“Scientology endorses use of Psychs”), and this move proves the level of stupid + delusion on DM’s part.

    As Eclipse-girl states below, it’s almost hilarious to think that DM believes he is slinging punishment upon Laura with this request. Although she never confirmed this publicly, I suspect that she’s sought professional help already. Besides, what will Diddling Davey do when the report comes back with assessments that only support her case?

    1. John P.

      Depends on the jurisdiction and on the case. I’ve heard where a court-appointed psychiatrist can be used (often in divorce/custody battles) and I’ve also heard of situations where each side can choose their own and each will present their findings and be subject to cross-examination by the other side.

      1. Sarah James

        I do hope the psychiatrist is court appointed and not scion appointed. Of course it’s not like they have scion pychiatrists to choose from:)
        Thanks, John P.

  4. Missionary Kid

    I went over and read Ryan Hogarth’s story. I can imagine that the same type of thing happening in all of the older predominantly English speaking orgs. People are not valued in $cientology, and that’s just, plain bad management.

    The incident when he encountered David Mi$cavige eating in the conference room when he walked by speaks volume about Mi$cavige’s personal magnetism. He doesn’t seem to engender personal loyalty, because he only seems to understand power, not friendship. That is dangerous to the survival of the organization he heads up.

    Without loyalty and friendship and capable leadership or management, Mi$cavige seems to rule by fear and guile. In an organization that is collapsing, that can only speed things up.

    In an organization that is based upon a set of beliefs and way of operation that are far different than society’s norm, and which depends on the followers not looking “over the wall” at uncensored information, the heavy handedness that $cientology is demonstrating in South Africa, if used in other remote orgs, will lead to many more defections like Ryan’s.

    1. And I don't rent cars!

      I’m adding 10,000 upvotes to your post MK!

      P.S. I’m slowly tackling the “Vortex of Miseries” I found myself in since the end of Oct but this old, borrowed PeeCee laptop (PC = personal computer) is slowly “leaving its meat body” so before it crashes yet again or more keys stop working, I am going to wish you a very calm, sweet, and joyous holiday season (or whatever YOU want this season to be for you MK)… my dear, sweet, kind and smart Bunker Friend!

        1. And I don't rent cars!

          Yes, my dear Drat,

          Between computer crashes and too many incoming phone calls into my [now almost cozy with craziness 😉 ] “Vortex of Miseries,” I was not able to finish composing my reply to your touching post yesterday. I actually fell asleep last night (with reading glasses still on my face!) with the laptop next to me in bed trying to finish my reply to you. I tried my best to finish writing it and post it on the same day that I found it (yesterday) but DRAT!!!, Drat, I (and NOT the laptop this time) crashed…. until late this morning.

          My reply to you is in here somewhere (either in my email program in the Draft section, in Word Pad, Note Pad, or Disqus, etc…. and nearly finished I believe.

          It’s coming, it’s coming…

          In the meantime, I have to run out (actually I’ll be walking :-) and run some errands (er… walk) before it gets too far below 0 Celsius and too dark. (Oops, I forgot that I’m a vintage sports car and I meant to say that my engine doesn’t run well under these type of conditions!)

          Once I’m back home and “refueled,” I’ll find my post to you, finish it, and, hopefully, post it before midnight.

          Until then, keep your ship stable (er… semi-afloat anyway) and we’ll talk later under your original post in the Bunker.



          P.S. Also, because I’m confused as to days and dates lately (because of this D*#@! Vortex of Misersies I have been in since the end of Oct.), I am going to officially state that I am posting this to you at 15:55 EST on Dec 10, 2013.

          P.P.S. Of course, this confusion is exaggerated when I’m online because of my being unable to read and/or reply to posts on the same days they were originally posted on (and because the internet nor the Bunker ever seems to sleep… either 😉

          FINAL POSTSCRIPT: Hope your Mom is managing and I hope you are too. And don’t worry, I’m OK… really I am! It just takes time and I’ve been in many Vortexes of Miseries in my lifetime. It’s all very familiar to me even though each one is different. That what’s I meant earlier by “cozy with craziness.”

          I really hope you are OK, too. I’ve been a little worried….

          A prochain.

          EDITED: typos, paragraph spacing.

          1. Drat

            I know what you mean about that votex being almost familiar.

            No rush, I just wanted to make sure you got my wishes :)

    2. Missionary Kid

      To add to this: South Africa, it appears, has been free of much of the turmoil and rigid heavy-handedness of U.S. orgs. That has ended.

      By declaring a person suppressive who is, in essence, the face of South African $cientology, and who is a part of the founding family of $cientology there, many of the “publics” will quit participating, I predict. They may start up an independent group, but ultimately it will fail, too, without the strong arm enforcement methods and mind control Co$ uses.

      Nationalism and antagonism towards Co$ for being so brutal will not help the group sent to “clean things up.” They are operating in an unfamiliar society. I predict that it won’t be long before the whole operation collapses.

    1. Missionary Kid

      I went over and read the post. Wow!!!

      The best description of $cientology i read there: the Beast that devours lives.

  5. And I don't rent cars!

    John P asked above,

    “Is Miscavige on vacation after the stress of the IAS event? Is he distracted?”

    Does anyone know yet if he showed up at the Taiwanese Ideal Org opening?

    Should we file a Missing Persons Report with the LAPD or CWPD?

    If he is on vacation, de-stressing from all that’s been happening to him lately, does anyone know if the Freewinds is still mothballed? Or has he gone diving off the ship? (Could someone do us ALL a favor and PUSH him off it?)

    Hey, on second thought, isn’t Davey’s “religion” and its “auditing sessions” suppose to help him with all that stress?

    And, BTW, “Where is Tom Cruise?” He’s under a lot of stress too this days. Any sightings?

    Couldn’t his “religion” and its “auditing sessions” help him as well with all his legal and bad publicity stress? He can even take advantage of the brand spanking new Supah Powerz auditing rooms! He could even do a Cause Resurgance Rundown – probably free of charge, too!

    Or maybe both DM and TC went back to Tom and Katie’s former honeymoon getaway? After all, David tagged along and would be familiar with those isolated resort islands for the rich and famous, Maybe David and Tom are “auditing” each other as we speak, er..cough… cough… I mean, as I speculate and fantasize…

    So again I ask, “Where is Davey?” and “Where is Tom?”

    And come to think of it, “Where is Shelley?”

    You don’t suppose they might be…

    “Nah, forgit about et,” to quote Joe Pesche.

  6. aegerprimo

    I’m sure you are right JP. DM is so isolated, he does not know what a real psych eval is like. Maybe he thinks it would be a terrible thing for Laura to have to submit to, like it involves electroshock therapy or mind-numbing drugs. Maybe he thinks its worse than a gang-bang sec-check he continuously submits his underlings to. Nope, it will be just a talk with a professional who knows about the mind, about the PTSD that a forced abortion can cause a normal compassionate human being.
    As Tory would say; David Miscavige, Tick-Tock Tick-Tock…

  7. Drat

    I actually have a different take on the psych eval, if it was requested by DM. Right now, efforts seem largely to be directed toward containment and damage control (trigger happy SP delcares).
    It is more likely that once she submits to an eval he will be able to broadly publicise the fact to the faithful in DA packs, based on the assumption the case is already lost. It will be easier to discredit her among members and explain the suit away as a “psych patient that got support from the SP psychs and SP wog justice system”.
    Edit: bear in mind most members don’t know what we know and won’t ever see the actual filing unless they take the trouble to look, and they won’t dare do that unless they are already prepared to learn inconvenient truths and leave.

    As to declaring Ryan Hogarth, that, too, makes a lot of sense to me from a damage control perspective. I think DM is fighting a losing battle, but this is not the first time top tier management and field members were publicly crucified for an org’s long-term failure. Some parishioners and staff will buy it as a plausible conspiracy (so they were behind it, I knew it!). Obviously it is not a sustainable strategy.

    All of the above from someone who thinks as crooked as they do.

    1. tetloj

      Hmmm – and if the depending on how the courts deals with the evaluation they can also tell the faithful that the courts are in bed with the eebil pyschs

  8. Still_On_Your_Side

    As far as I can tell, the church’s lawyers in Laura’s case seem to be walking a fine line between appeasing their client’s demand for blood and maintaining their reputations. With a client like Miscavige, it is almost impossible to walk that line. From reading the church/RTC brief, it is clear the lawyers have been instructed by Miscavige to go for Laura’s jugular, make her cry and make her spend lots of money. What’s missing from that equation is any true understanding of Laura’s motives. Miscavige thinks everyone is a charleton, just like him. Accordingly, his lawyers game plan is designed to “expose” Laura. That is why they claim she destroyed evidence because she cleaned out an email box, which is a foolish claim since they don’t know which email address, and what she did with the emails. It is a typical grandstand ploy that often backfires and often makes the lawyer look like an amateur. That is what happens when lawyers try to appease nasty clients. Look at the Tom Cruise case where Cruise’s lawyers thought it was clever to call Bauer “Nazis” who were attacking Scientology the way the Nazis attacked Jews. The court was not amused and Cruise is paying Bauer’s legal fees on that issue.

    Similarly, Miscavige’s lawyers clearly think it is a clever ploy to demand a psychiatric review. They probably think this will prove Laura has no PTSD, or prove her crazy and therefore discredit her case. Very dumb on their part, even if Miscavige was the one who came up with the idea. It will give Laura an opportunity to introduce the insanity of the cult, and the psychosis of Miscavige, as she discusses what they did to her as a child and young adult. What are the first things a law student learns in a trial advocacy course? Never ask a question you do not know the answer to, never open a door if you do not know where it leads. Miscavige’s lawyers don’t seem to know what direction their strategies are taking them, they don’t seem to understand how their psychiatry ploy will backfire, and they don’t seem to understand how much their re-arguing issues the judge has already decided will tick off the judge and make them look arrogant and dumb. If this pleading reflects the way these lawyers intend to argue their defense in front of a jury, they are in big trouble. Notwithstanding, as the jury trial gets closer, these lawyers will wake up to the danger of jury sympathies for Laura . Expect to see some frantic actions by the church when it realizes the case is indeed going to trial.

    1. Eclipse-girl

      Laura is claiming damages for psychological suffering.
      The lawyers have to ask for a psych eval.

      Couldn’t they be sued for malpractice or lack of due diligence?

      I agree no one knows what the results of that eval will be.

      1. Missionary Kid

        The evaluation will only be evidence of her present state of mind. She could have recovered substantially as the result of therapy, so her past medical records will be important.

        1. Eclipse-girl

          OK. I am hoping past records have been well kept.

          This does not deal with the Co$ lawyers essentially being forced to asked for this

          1. Missionary Kid

            If she’s claiming emotional trauma, they’re going to force her to prove it, I’m assuming, although a reading of the particulars will illustrate the kind of horrors she was exposed to.

            Maybe her past records won’t be so important, given the actions of Co$.

          2. Eclipse-girl

            We all agree having seen her records that is it HIGHLY likely Laura suffered emotional trauma.

            I think that the Co$ lawyers have to cover their butts.
            The lawyers have to ask for a psych eval.

            Yes, it does open floodgates.

            If a person has healed does that negate trauma? IANAL, I do not know. Whatever $ Laura or her family spent on therapy / counseling should be covered by Co$. Hopefully Laura will also receive damages.

          3. Missionary Kid

            A thought: If Laura does open up her medical records, I can see Davy trying to find her ruin. On the other hand, she seems pretty open in this lawsuit. He’s probably scoured all of her records already to try to psych her. At this point, she seems pretty tough.

            We’ll see what happens. California courts are not favorable to abuse of people, especially underage ones, it it can be proved to a jury’s satisfaction. The good news is that eventually, she’ll have her own records, and once, if ever, they are revealed, I’m betting Co$ will scream to high heaven, because they will expose their evil.

          4. Eclipse-girl

            Gee Whiz, Co$ had 1800 pages of stuff on Laura. You would think they knew her “ruin.”

            I still want CO$ fined, etc for not turning over ALL of Laura’s records

          5. Missionary Kid

            It depends on what was not coughed up. I think that the judge can impose sanctions. What they will be, who knows. It could be monetary, and it could be procedural. It depends on how crucial the missing records are.

    2. Missionary Kid

      The ironic part of this is that to the average $cientologist, to have Laura examined by “evil psychs” goes against all of the rantings of LRH and COB. I’m sure that Mi$cavige will have an explanation for them, but having Laura undergo a psych elvauation is so contradictory to the “scriptures” of $cientology that it must be jarring to the faithful.

      1. aegerprimo

        Scientologists so far in the fishbowl, might not even know about this trial and would especially not know about the particulars.

        Remember the article Tony O did recently on Scientology PTS/SP “tech” and how it creates mind control – key to understanding why Scientologists don’t go and READ the news online about the trial.

        COB will probably feed particulars about the trial to public and staff that will not be “entheta” or conflict with basic beliefs in Scientology; courts BAD, psychs BAD, Laura is an evil SP, etc.

        1. Missionary Kid

          That’s why the clam troll over at Radar Online didn’t know about it. I think it’s important to inform as many $cions as possible about the psych evaluation.

          I’m just wondering what the spin DM will put on a psych evaluation.

    1. Missionary Kid

      So much for $cientology’s positive impact on the community. It’s been a black hole financially for Clearwater all along. The building permits were nice income, and the fines for the building sitting there were probably a bonus, but all of that is gone.

      The only people who were making money were the tradesmen that worked on the SP building, but that’s over.

      The wholesalers who sell rice and beans will do O.K., but the profit margin’s thin.

      Does anyone know how full the restaurants are that Co$ owns? What the hell do all of the people bussed in do all day for Co$?

      I believe that the organization operates on the old Chinese system, where, instead of machines, manpower was used because it was relatively inexpensive. Think of the thousands of coolies building roads and dams and runways during the second world war. Sea Org workers aren’t paid jack, and I’m sure the cheapest food and accommodations are provided for them.

      No income for sea orgers, no money to spend. Co$ wants it ALL. Screw Clearwater.


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