Scientology Daily Digest: Sunday, November 17, 2013

COB David Miscavige (l) and Flag Captain Harvey Jacques (r) work on their postulates and attempt to wave off a helicopter carrying Mike Rinder and Mike Bennitt, as they are about to overfly the Flag Building opening ceremony.

COB David Miscavige (l) and Flag Captain Harvey Jacques (r) work on their postulates and attempt to wave off a helicopter carrying Mike Rinder and Mike Bennitt, as they are about to overfly the Flag Building opening ceremony.

Today, it’s all about the helicopter, though there are a lot of other interesting goings on that took place.

Mike Rinder decided to take advantage of an offer from Mike Bennitt, he of the high-quality videography of the Mosey Rathbun case in Texas, and use a helicopter to fly over the Super Power building during today’s 1:00pm opening ceremony, so they can get an estimate of the crowd size.

While nobody’s talking, it seems almost certain that they coordinated with Tony Ortega, who filed a story about the inbound spy-copter after it lifted off and was headed for downtown Clearwater.  Just in time for the OSA monitors covering his blog to read the story and call Miscavige, but not enough time for the cult to do anything about it (it takes 45 days to obtain “temporary flight restrictions” from the FAA, even in a case where they would be inclined to grant one, which is not clear in this case).  It seems reasonable to guess that he wouldn’t have cut short the presentation had he assumed that one of the two helicopters was hired by the Church and the other was perhaps a news channel.  The only way he would have cut short the presentation was on the basis of a staff report telling him that Rinder was in the second helicopter.

Miscavige cut short the presentation after less than 10 minutes and started trooping everyone inside the building, as if they were going on lockdown back at Int Base. Given his penchant for bloviation, it seems unlikely that he was planning to make the presentation so brief, so it’s a reasonable guess that the news of arch-SP Rinder hovering over the event was enough to send him into panic-and-flee mode.

Busted!  Apparently, there may have been paid actors to pad out the audience today.

Busted! Apparently, there may have been paid actors to pad out the audience today.

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Cruise, Travolta, Preston and Alley were in attendance, but oddly, it says that “hundreds” of members were in attendance.  Based on a reasonable estimate of no more than 4,000 total bodies and a likelihood that 1,000 are outer org trainees and 1,000 are Clearwater-based Sea Org and staff, it looks like no more than 2,000 (perhaps 2,500 tops) public were in attendance. Attendance certainly fell far short of the 10,000 listed as the upper bound in the parade permits.

Tony Ortega’s “Helicopter Tech” Article

This caper is likely to go down as one of the biggest humiliations of David Miscavige in history.  It’s even bigger than the epic fail at the Portland Ideal Org grand opening back in May.  In Portland, Miscavige had to turn the volume down in a bold move to “confront and shatter” Mark Bunker and others in attendance.  Here, he had to scrap most of the grand opening speech in order to avoid “confronting and shattering” arch-nemesis Mike Rinder who, along with Mike Bennitt, were cruising the friendly skies looking for lulz.  It’s interesting to note, by the way, that the two of them were able to “postulate” good weather for their flight, while all those OT-level Scientologists weren’t able to stop the rain on Saturday.

Most people who took a look at the high-resolution photos posted in the article came up with an estimate of about 3,000 to 4,000 total bodies at the event, and the consensus is that perhaps 1,000 of these were “outer org trainees” and a like number were Sea Org and local staff.  However, there was also evidence that there were paid extras in the event.  It would be interesting to get a paycheck for four hours for what ended up being eight minutes of work.

My take:  This is a brilliant collaboration between the two Mike’s (Rinder and Bennitt) and Tony, who proved, once again, that they have DM’s number.  It should also prove to us that DM is utterly predictable in his actions, and is driven to an extraordinary degree by his own personal vanity to do anything possible to avoid joking & degrading.  That’s a remarkably insecure way to live life for a guy who is sitting on top of a Global Capitalism HQ-sized pile of money, who travels by jet and who has an immense entourage.  And it’s a hell of a way to run a company — to let a distraction from a small helicopter buzzing around in the skies cause you to cut short a major event that you’ve been building up the hype for for over a decade.

Selected comments: 

  • Jeff Hawkins weighs in.  As an Int Base veteran who’s been in the room with DM on many occasions, he says that there’s no way the event was scheduled to last only eight minutes. Sure, it was supposed to be short, but that means “only” an hour of Danny Sherman-penned bloviation.  He clearly got no game.  Clear evidence that they were planning a longer speech: whales in the front had seats, which you presumably wouldn’t need for a mere 8 minute speech.
  • “ex sea org member,” who says he used to collect stats on org performance when he was in, gives great perspective on how this one is a meltdown for the ages.
  • OTVIIIisGrrr8 and MonkeyKnickers have dueling views of the radio traffic as David Miscavige attempts to call in fast movers to take out the helicopter.
  • “Peter” refers to the hardware involved as the “Apostate Air Force.”
  • Kevin Tighe (an ex, not the actor) filed an on-the-ground report of his own.
  • Derek trolls the still-in Sea Org who are reading this blog with pictures of his weekend, hanging out with friends and family and enjoying Austin.  Derek, play nice!
  • “Great White Clam” points out that DM’s move to cut short the presentation to avoid the Entheta-copter is “hiding,” which is -30.0 on the Tone Scale. Way to impress your flock with Scientology super powers!
  • My vote for shoop of the day (out of many to choose from) goes to “Walter Mitty,” with the poster for “Top Gun: Mission Double Mike.”

Tony Ortega’s Sunday Funnies Post

There are some pretty lulzy details in today’s regular Sunday Funnies post, which don’t deserve to be lost against the noise of the “helicopter tech” story.  First, Tom Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields, he of the countless nasty letters to the press, is shown congratulating TomKat Project producer Brandon Ogburn after Fields attended the show last night.  Apparently, Christopher Lloyd, “Doc” in the “Back to the Future” series was also in attendance, as were a number of commenters from Tony’s site.

Significant comments:

  • According to “Elen,” the cult could apparently use a little help when it tries to run Craigslist ads in Spanish in the Brownsville area.  They said: “Aqui esta lo que ha estado buscando por muchos anos.”  “Anos” = anuses.  “Años” = years.  So instead of “Here is what you have been looking for for years,” they said, “Here is what you are looking for among many anuses.” One little tilde makes all the difference!
  • Derek points out the improbability of some of the news out of the cult in the last couple of days: “Bert Fields has a sense of humor. Tampa Bay Times suggesting a truce. Scientology still has 5500 members. David Mayo’s BTBs are being exhumed. Scientology giving out free swagz. Super Power actually opened as promised. I’m pretty sure at least half of these things are in the book of Revelations.”

Mike Rinder’s Blog

Mike has more details of the Super Power events, including an event last night that featured a five-minute standing ovation for DM.  As of press time, he had not put up a blog post about his little helicopter ride earlier today.  Mike’s post contains a lot of “tech” details that might only be understood by longtime auditors or by Indies; one gets the sense he’s also taking to lurkers who are still in the church to get them to re-examine their beliefs.  Importantly, in a point that bears watching, Mike pointed out that some course fees went up while others went down.  Given that the cult was promising giant price increases (none of which appear to actually be in effect), this seems like a major blow.

Forum Sites

Thanks again to Aeger Primo for keeping an eye on the avalanche of traffic on the forums.

  • Black Rob has an ongoing thread at ESMB that mirrors the one at WWP. It’s interesting how the two different communities come up with very different flavors of Joking & Degrading off the same Facebook posts by cult members.
  • ESMB’s thread about Helicopter Tech is here.  
  • GreyWolf announces that his World Cult Watch radio show Sunday night will have guests Karen de la Carriere, plus Scott and Kerry Campbell who both served in the Sea Org and were among original Freewinds crew.  
  • Details of the upcoming GAT 2 event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.  The Shrine seats over 6,000.  It will be interesting to see what the cult does to try to fill the seats, given that they got nothing like that at the live version of the event in Clearwater.  
  • Always fun to enjoy a good shoop of the COB. Starting here are some new ones on a WWP thread of nothing but DM shoops, called “Project Mass Shoop.”  
  • A side project from the project to stop the cult from advertising on Craigslist is to gather information on various promoted services, courses, and books the Co$ charges for. New info posted in the past three days.

General Media

The Tampa Bay Times seems to be getting a little comfy with the cult in two recent stories.  First, the Times says that it may be time to let bygones be bygones on the part of the City.  This, especially when it was under the byline of Joe Childs, half of the dynamic duo of writers, sounds like the paper is going soft all of a sudden.  It doesn’t seem necessary for the City to go hat in hand to the cult when the last Mayoral election wasn’t that close and the cult comprises approximately 3,000 of the 108,000 population and a disproportionately small share of the City’s economic activity, given the low payroll and the property tax exemptions of the city.

Second, the TBT reports on the afternoon building ceremony with a celebrity-spotting article that didn’t really ask a lot of questions about the Super Power building.  Best line of the article, however: “[Miscavige’s] remarks couldn’t be understood outside the church’s perimeter.”  That’s probably because Mumbles Miscavige couldn’t be understood inside the perimeter, either, even by those trained in the bogus Method 9 Word Clearing procedure of the useless “Study Tech.”

  • Unloyalofficer

    In a thread at ESMB, Karen #1 mentions that the Sherrifs from Pinellas county showed up to delay the two Mikes from liftoff, I guess to check Pilots license, etc. But they were able to take off without having to engage in meaningless chatter. My guess is some PIs were tailing them during the weekend, to figure out if they were going to pull any capers. So I believe that is pretty good proof that Miscavige knew it was Rinder in that helicopter. Bravo, Bennit and Rinder, Bravo…

    • John P.

      Nice catch on that little detail. I’m surprised that the Pinellas County Sheriff would think he had the authority to check pilot’s licenses. I suspect that would be an FAA matter exclusively. He may have been responding to a report that two people are attempting to steal a helicopter by the cult’s PI’s, however. Nice grounds for a lawsuit, though I doubt it’s worth pursuing.

  • Sidney18511

    The only thing better then a helicopter with 2 SP’swould of been a helicopter LOADED with SP’s! DM would of been heading for the hills had the chopper been been packed with Karen, Marty, M. Bunker, Tony, JP and Tory!

    Ha! A cluster of SP’s hovering overhead would of pushed the little prick over the edge!

    Can you imagine?

    • John P.

      Actually, there is no need. The incremental payoff for having all those folks on board (kind of you to include me, by the way, on the passenger list) would be fairly slight. It might have gotten him to cut the event from an hour or two down to 4 minutes instead of the actual 8.

      It’s too bad there’s not a recording of the presentation. I can only imagine what came out of his mouth when a guy who’s as terrified and inept on stage as Miscavige is forced to ad lib something. If those 8 minutes of incoherent verbiage didn’t cause the whales in the front row to wonder about their Super Duper Leader, nothing will.

      • Sidney18511

        Your right JP, it really wouldn’t of made much difference…except in that tiny paranoid little brain of his.

      • SciWatcher

        There must be a recording of the speech somewhere–at least by the church. In a few of the overhead shots you could see someone up close to DM with a camera and another with a microphone. I wonder if it will actually get shown at the org events next week.

      • OrangySky

        There IS a recording, John P – you can hear it on the audio Tony posted from a “correspondent” on the ground. Perhaps some tech person from WWP or Marc Headley could take a stab at reducing the ambient so his words can be heard. I could pick up a few of them.

  • Marta

    What a weekend! What a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

  • media_lush

    I double checked the Tampa Bay Times and could not see any mention of Kirstie Alley (or photo of her near Cruise/JT etc)….her tweets didn’t seem to hold a clue either. As one who follows these things I need to be sure before I make merry on my own blog.

    • Sidney18511

      i didn’t see anything about KA participating in the festivities. If she was there, she was incognito. Possibility disguised as the tent?

      • John P.

        I would suspect our Mr. Tent would have discussed this at length in the interview we recently published with him. Such a sordid fate!

    • John P.

      Did her tweets previously suggest that she would be in attendance?

      Also, could she be “cloaking” her involvement in Scientology a bit, willing to be seen around other Scientologists and making oblique comments on her twitter feed but not exactly standing up and saying the words “Scientology is great, everyone should try it”?

      In other words, if she were sensitive about the negative image of the cult to affect her career prospects, wouldn’t this be the last time she would be tweeting about what she’s up to?

      • media_lush

        I think these recent tweets ‘seem’ to hint that she was there but as it doesn’t appear she was in the front row I am mildly intrigued as to what happened. I do monitor her tweets as now and again she lets go with a lulzy comment that appears she was drunk when she made it. I do feel she is a functioning alcoholic. I posted a comment awhile back on Tony’s site that I came across from Ken Levine’s blog [writer/director of Cheers, Frasier, M*A*S*H and more] where he gave her a backhanded complement of always being the first to get drunk at cast parties.

        • tetloj

          There was the comment about Sunday School shoes and following your faith to freedom too. I agree – seemed to be creating an impression or illusion

        • OrangySky

          I’m with you, Media Lush. She’s an alcoholic who has been treading the line for a long, long time. That facial bloat doesn’t come from food (correction – unless it’s all salt). That is booze bloat.

    • And I don’t rent cars!

      Media Lush,

      DodoTheLaser identified some of the people in the front row seats (IIRC last night in the Bunker) in his reply to Tony Ortega.

      I have complete confidence in Dodo’s(and Tony’s) ability to correctly identify the celebrity and whale peeps in the photo, yet based on this M&M’s chopper “tech” photo, my eyes had originally convinced me the second person from the left was KA (after some weight loss). But, Dodo and Tony both said it was Monique Yingling. If you can get a hold of the same shot but from another angle, you might be able to assess who this person is for youself and your celebrity trained eye. As I said, I have utter confidence in Dodo and Tony and suspect my eyes/brain are up to their (usual) optic tricks!
      Is not the answer you wanted but hope it helps nonetheless.
      Laurisse (Lou) Stuckenbrock, Monique Yingling, Kelly Preston, JT, TC, Michael Bayback, Liz Bayback, Kannon, Kurt, Kathy, Matt and Cindy Feshbachs, Bob and Trish Duggan.

    • media_lush

      well, if one was to believe the Daily Mail we have an answer…..

  • And I don’t rent cars!

    Good morning to JP (still have a Bunker reply queued up for you) , Supermodel#1 (have a reply that’s even longer and has been queued up for even longer for you as well, my dear…), and “good morning” to everyone here with a familiar name and/or avatar.

    As some of you may or may not know, (nor have any reason to care :-), I have had several setbacks in the “tech” and “personal” areas of my life (IIRC since Oct 24th or so) and have been frantically trying to get caught up on weeks of important Tony (Ortega) posts, Bunker comments, the John P.’s new blog, the big reveal of OTVIIIisGr8t! and his Blog and its comments, etc., etc, and, of the course, the big reveal of the “SP” building and the M&M Top Gun team with their chopper “tech” yesterday.

    I suspect I know how stunned, confused, frustrated DM feels these past few weeks, past few days, and this morning, in particular, in trying to figure out what the hell happened – even knowing and understanding what all happened JUST yesterday would be helpful at this point! On the other hand, I couldn’t possibly know anything about how DM is feeling and what he is thinking these days. A. He is a sociopath B. He is the leader of a religion (and like REM, I lost my religion decades ago) C. He has a staff of THOUSANDS (underpaid, overworked, and underfed) to help him figure it all out (while I, “Moi,” have a staff of ONE). I don’t drink but I feel like I have the worst hangover of my life this morning! Since DM likes his fine old scotch (ever notice even his beverage of choice is a recycled cliché?) [Oops, my apologies to all other scotch drinkers out there. To be honest, if Big Pharma didn’t advise against it, I’d be having a bit of Scotch these days myself, a LOT actually!]

    So getting back to topic, forgive me if I post something that is old news, and even worse, “old news” that you’ve already read many times – on several other sites, blogs, forums, and ………..

    I found this comment on M Rinder’s blog this morning and it’s such great Lulz that I thought I’d share it with you, John P, and the other blogging and commenting familiar friends here:

    Carcha says:

    November 18, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Air Rinder Devastates Flag Land Base
    Marine Anonymous ground troop assault establishes beachhead.

    (Blog, 17 Nov 2013). The historic coordinated assault upon the Clearwater Fortress, led by a lightning aerial attack not seen since the Israeli strike against the Egyptian army, routed the heavily defended and highly secretive meeting of a handful of diehard high-level generals at “Flag” and sent them scurrying into their makeshift bunker, in an ultimately vain attempt to shelter from the withering glare of media exposure. The Pulitzer committee is rumored to be meeting in New York as this is being written.

    Taking the world by surprise, brilliant ace pilots Mike Rinder and Mike Bennitt, backed by 20,000 hours of flight experience and the latest technology, took to the air in an audacious lone helicopter attack, thundering from heavy cloud cover at hundreds of miles an hour straight at the heart of the assembly, shrugging off the latest armaments of anti-personnel entheta-fire furiously poured at them from the ground, skillfully out-flying air defenses pursuing on their six-o-clock.

    Coordinating under the air cover, ground troops penetrated past the outer walls to the interior of the fortress, driving inside the heavily armed but startled and poorly organized ground defenses, gaining their main objectives from various strategically planned angles

    The entire operation was conducted at lightning speed, and was over in 17 minutes, leaving the wounded dazed and confused amidst the rubble of devastation.

    We all owe a great debt to these heroic men and women for their daring and overwhelmingly successful exploits. Miraculously, ALL survived with only negligible scratches, a few soda-pop rumblings of hunger, and are safe back at their bases, ever at the ready to defend freedom.

    REPRINTED WITHOUT PERMISSION (Sorry Carcha, whoever you are, I’ll make it up to you sometime, somewhere if we ever cross paths again. A big “Thank you” for this mighty fine piece of writing. BTW, folks call me “Cars.” P.S. Gosh, why do I feel like I just caused an accident and I’m exchanging insurance and contract info? P.P.S. I love your name!)

    Carcha’s post came from

  • SciWatcher

    One of the first things that struck me about the pictures of DM (whom you could see on the teleprompters in the overhead shots) is it seems that either he’s getting taller or his podium is getting shorter. He seemed to “stand taller” than usual!

    • Eclipse-girl

      I noticed a very short podium, too.

    • DeElizabethan

      Saw the podium live before the event, looked like built for or a child.

      • SciWatcher

        Haha, does he really think he’s fooling anyone?

    • Anonymous

      Yes the podium that DM uses is short.

      It also helps that there are almost never any other execs speaking at events these days, otherwise the short podium would look even more ridiculous if a grown-up was using it.

      • OrangySky

        It’s from Toys R Us: “My Little Public Speaker Kit”

  • Walter Mitty

    Just for fun: Squirrel fighting flying Ron.

  • thetaesque

    John P.

    Thank you so much for creating this blog…even though I’m in the doghouse with the cats, since I’ve laughed my ass off so many times reading your comments and have disturbed their kitty slumber. Midwest Mom’s tent interview was so funny that I was crying.

    Mike Rinder’s helicopter ride yesterday was brilliantly inspired and a perfect quadfecta. In less than an hour, he:

    (1) Shot to hell DM’s Maginot Line security on the ground with the helicopter tech. Imagine: all the time and money spent on keeping SP’s like Mark Bunker away from the crowd, only to have archenemy Mike Rinder show up in the airspace. But then DM never graduated from high school, so he probably doesn’t know what happened to France’s defenses against Germany in World War II – or how that lesson applied to him.

    (2) Publicly humiliated the dwarfenfuhrer during the Greatest. Event. Ever. For any normal person, having your nemesis ruin your moment of glory would be disappointing and disturbing. For someone as narcissistic as Tiny Fists, this must have resulted in a meltdown for the ages. It will be interesting to see if any information leaks out about Miscavige’s no doubt epic temper tantrum.

    (3) Removed any possibility that His Midgesty could kick back with the Macallan single malt, reliving the glory of the sheeple hanging on to his every word during the opening of the Stupor Powerz. Although perhaps DM awakened today (I’m guessing with a terrible hangover) and started shouting at some poor Sea Org drone to get the cherch’s high tech folks, assuming that any are left, to remove the helicopter noise from the video. Of course, you’d still have the unfortunate running and fleeing on DM’s part as he, uh, successfully confronted and shattered suppression. Not!

    (4) Eliminated the cherch’s ability to shoop several thousand more people to prove how successful the opening was. Not that they won’t still try. I know I’m looking forward to the press release from “Karin Puow,” aka DM, written in the Co$ standard hyperbole.

    Then, if that’s not enough for you (to borrow from the Shermanspeak), we also have Jeff Hawkins’ wonderful new phrase for the Jokers and Degraders here on the fringes of the Internet: Flying Apostate.

  • Eclipse-girl

    I have doubts about Mike Rinder and Mike Bennit actually causing the speech from Davey to be shorter than planned.

    Rinder and Bennit talked to other helicopter pilots from the church. The two Mikes were told to leave the airspace for 15 mins. They didn’t

    Why would the pilots tell the two Mikes to leave for 15 minutes if the ceremony was planned to last longer?

    Also Davey had spoken for approx 2 hrs the night before?
    Even for a bloviator like Davey, that takes a toll on the throat.

    I know most people disagree with me.

    • John P.

      You are on the right track in noticing details like how the pilot of the Scientology helicopter asked them to move off for 15 minutes, not an hour or even longer. Details like that are always key to spotting a lie. And you are also exactly right to say that one data point would be sufficient to undermine the theory that Miscavige cut short his speech, but that is the case if there’s no other scenario that suggests Miscavige planned to speak longer.

      Let me outline why I think he did cut short his talk in response to “chopper tech.” I definitely could be wrong on this, but I think this scenario accounts for how the pilot could have been aware of the length of time of the event only a few minutes before he talked to the Apostate Air Force.

      1. As related in Unloyalofficer’s comment above, Karen#1 says that M&M were stopped by Pinellas County Sheriff at the airfield, presumably because they were called in by PI’s who had been tailing them. Irrespective of whether or not the story of a law enforcement contact was accurate, the likelihood is strong that Rinder was being tailed last weekend (and Rinder probably knew that, incidentally). Tony reported that Mike Bennitt had been subjected to surveillance after videotaping the Mosey Rathbun case in Texas a couple weeks ago, so he is also up on the cult’s radar screen. So OSA would be especially sensitive to anything that these two would be up to if they got together, and anything suspicious would have gone right to the top.

      2. It typically takes at least a half hour to pre-flight a helicopter; there’s a lot more that can go wrong with rotary wing aircraft than with a fixed-wing aircraft, even a jet. Assume 15 minutes more to get from the airfield in position at the Flag building. Thus, we can assume it was an hour before the event when the PI’s tailing M&M realized what they were up to and called it in. A lot can happen in that hour; they certainly had time to cut down the Powerpoint slides and reprogram the Teleprompter in that time, so Miscavige was able to look like he planned an 8-minute presentation all along. He may have looked rattled, but the A/V support could handle it.

      3. Typically when you work with a helicopter for either photo or video shoots, you have a spotter on the ground to direct the helicopter. It is highly likely that the Scientology helicopter would have radio contact with the ground, and would be made aware in real time that the plan had changed and that the event would now be 15 minutes long instead of an hour or whatever the planned length would be. The pilot and crew would need to know this in order to prioritize the shots they were trying to get, etc. It is not possible to say that the pilot’s knowledge at some time after the event had started that the event would be less than 15 minutes long was the original plan, because of the ease of relaying a change like that to the helicopter, and because of the need to do so to get them to rearrange their list of shots to get.

      4. Mike Rinder and Jeff Hawkins both have extensive experience working personally with Miscavige over many years. While they probably knew each other quite well, it is important to note that Mike Rinder is still more or less an “independent Scientologist,” while Jeff Hawkins is completely out. Those are very different viewpoints. I would thus place a greater degree of confidence in two concurring opinions of what Miscavige would be likely to do than in an account by Rinder confirmed by Marty Rathbun, since they seem to be much more closely aligned than Rinder and Jeff Hawkins; they also seem to socialize together frequently.

      5. It’s not that difficult to speak on stage in a large group for two hours one day and an hour the next. I don’t think preserving his voice was a factor. I’ve done a lot of presentations including large training classes with audio/visual support where I’ve been up on stage for 6-8 hours per day over several consecutive days. The key to being able to keep your voice intact are a) good microphones and well-tuned feedback through whatever monitor system you’re using so you don’t feel that you have to yell into the room to be heard; b) drinking enough water, and c) relatively higher humidity. It’s better to be speaking outside in Florida with warmth and high humidity than in Minneapolis with cold weather where you won’t sweat, but you’ll dry out your throat and your sinuses.

      6. Most important point: The GAT 2 release events, based on some comments published by Rinder on his blog, were all about the “tech,” and didn’t say much about Super Power. Given that, it would be very important for DM to pump up the crowd and refresh the marketing messages of why this is the Most. Important. Thing. Ever, to get them to sign up. He can’t just show up and say “hey, this is really cool, you’ll love what you see, so come inside and let’s get to it!” Even if that were his style, it’s not a good marketing decision.

      7. Almost forgot: the whales in the front were on chairs. It wouldn’t be necessary to have chairs even on an 85-degree day for an event that was less than 10 minutes long.

      Like I said, I’m not 100% certain I’m right, but I think there are multiple data points that I think add up nicely.

      • Eclipse-girl

        TY for taking the time to respond. You are probably correct.

        It wasn’t until today that I heard about the sheriff checking the pilots license. I agree that the cops probably had contact with $cientology security and had time to warn David, and they would have had time to prepare.

        I feel sad for those tech guys. They will not get a break for for at least two weeks, and I think they will be imprisoned until after the New Years celebration.

        I have no experience in giving orations. I had no idea that humidity helps. I know that drinking water throughout the speech helps. But don’t Davey’s smoking and alcohol habits affect his throat?

        There were three helicopters at one point, two from the church. I know the helicopters make noise. I would have thought with the special treatment that Davey gets, he would be aware of that.

        • chukicita

          i wouldn’t worry too much about the D-man’s voice. Some people sing for three or four sets, eight shows a week. 😀

          • Eclipse-girl

            do they drink and smoke like he does?

            I would be happy if he came down with throat cancer and was unable to speak. Or needed one of those throat implants.

          • CraftLass

            Smoking and drinking and, in many cases, far more throat-hurting activities have been very common amongst singers for decades to centuries. Including singers that do many long shows for many days in a row for years on end. Smoking is phasing out, as is happening almost everywhere in the West, but you used to even see whole Broadway casts just hanging and smoking on the regular, and they have brutal schedules of performing.

            Humidity is a much bigger factor in exhausting the voice in the short term. Low humidity can wreck a voice within hours unlessmajor precautions are taken.

            – someone who has spent her whole life in the world of music, from both sides of the microphone

        • OrangySky

          I thought it was one from the church, one from TBT, one from the Flying Apostates.

          Remember, Mike reported that his pilot tried twice to raise communications from the CO$ chopper, to no avail. I’m certain that during that time, the Clam on board was receiving instructions from Davey’s people on the ground as to how to “handle” Mike and Mike now that they were in the air.

          GIANT FAIL for Miscavige – like JP, I am certain the speech was planned for at least 1/2 hour 45 minutes. The chairs are a dead giveaway.

          • Eclipse-girl

            I didn’t realize the TBT had a copter up there, too.

            I assumed and made an ass of myself

  • chukicita

    Keeping our eyes open for hints that the church wants to use the new facility to recruit, the last line of this ABC News report says just that:

    • aegerprimo

      Thank you for posting that!

      • chukicita

        To be clear – pardon the phrase – it’s in the last line of the video but not in the text.